Automatic gate

Automatic gateAutomatic gate

Automatic gate unlock the door from the comfort of your car, office and your bed room or kitchen —now you don’t need to go from  your bed room to the garage to open your gate you can open it from your bed -right from your remote control, smartphone or PC.. The possibilities are endless!

System consist of:

beninca-bob-230v-p-kit-112-p• working on 230 Vac
• 1 Control unit with built-in receiver
• 1 Pair of photocells(to prevent closing the gate during passing of car
• 1 230 Vac LAMP.LED light with built-in aerial
• 1 Warning board



  • Suitable for any weight of doors
  • Have a mechanical lock (by key) for manual operation
  • You can open by a remote control or by a key